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Over the past eleven years, Trials for Hope has been a journey of witnessing poverty in many forms.  It isn’t just about not having enough to eat or living outside.  Poverty encompasses many aspects and perspectives: physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological.                             

Hunger isn’t a class issue; it’s a hunger issue.

One of the biggest gifts has been to not only watch our family who live inside or outside have hope; it’s also watching the people who help as they see and experience the gift of hope as well.

As we look ahead in 2022, we celebrate being spiritually guided to serve one another and thank you for being part of our journey.

Jonathan Gray, CEO and founder

It's about people

our vision

Our vision is to maintain what we are doing while expanding our services and being open to change.

In 2021 we at Trials for Hope surpassed the number of people we were able to serve in any of our past years.

This is all thanks to our independent contractors, volunteers, donors, sponsors and the Board.

Financially, we’ve offered aid for utility bills and deepened some of our collaborations.

Our biggest successes, though, come from empowering others.



— Our Story

One donation of trial-sized soaps and toothpaste planted a seed of giving that has grown for over 11 years now.

By distributing the goods Jonathan Gray, CEO, was given the idea to seek more donations to distribute to the homeless and those unable to stretch disability and food stamp payments through the end of the month.

After receiving Food Bank Certification and 501(c)3 status in 2016, the giving grew and grew into the many outreach programs today.

— Our CEO & Founder

In 2010 Jon Gray was gifted a large donation of trial-sized toiletries and decided to bring it to a local community meal. A line quickly formed, and Jonathan was surprised and encouraged by the expressions of gratitude. 

Still, that day also revealed a greater issue.  Many in the community had needs that weren’t being met by assistance programs . . . they had fallen between the cracks.  Whether for medical help, clothing or personal care, our community was struggling, and Johnathan saw a way to help.

Through dedication, personal connections and tireless outreach to both giving communities and those in need, he has been able to continually answer “yes” when those who struggle reach out for help.

— Our Team

Trials for Hope is sustained by a tireless group of volunteers to fulfill the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families through outreach in Cleveland and its surrounding communities . . . all without judgement.

We are grateful for our generous and engaged board members, several contractors and scores of consistent volunteers who answer the call to help when help is needed. 

Thanks to them and our magnanimous donors, sponsors and grant makers, the Trials for Hope outreach continues to grow and serve the tremendous needs in our community with immense gratitude.

Trials for Hope Board Members:
Johnathan Gray               CEO & founder
Alessia Lloyd                      treasurer
Chris Orlando                    advisor
David Siniscalchi              head of administration
Matt Tomko                        board member
Tamra Parrish                    secretary

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how you can help

Interested in learning how you can help us make a difference in our community?  We’d love for you to be a part of the TfH team . . . whether by helping prepare bags for delivery, visiting the shutins, donating or sponsoring a canned food drive.  Click below to learn how.