May 9, 2022 Weekly Update

The Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club is a True Winner!

Once again, the Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club has come through for Trials for Hope, and we are extremely grateful!

This past Saturday, their annual fundraiser featured a Kentucky Derby theme and included a dinner, raffle and both silent and live auctions.  Along with the American Youth Foundation, we were the real winners!  Extra fundraising that night was earmarked for youth summer camp sponsorships, beds for unsheltered youth and towards purchasing a commercial-grade refrigerator for Trials for Hope.

We especially want to thank Lynda Carter and Jason Pickering, along with all of the fundraiser organizers, attendees and donors, for their support.  Not only do they help us financially, but members also volunteer with TfH, and people like Lynda and Jason really help us spread the word about the Trials for Hope mission.

With the increasing need for food in our community, the commercial-grade fridge is a real necessity for us.  With it, we’ll be able to purchase more fresh food to share with our shut-ins, families and unsheltered. 

The generosity of the Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club is truly humbling, and we are extremely grateful!

They support many community, vocational and youth service activities throughout the year.  Just a few include the Youth Exchange Program, holiday food distributions, backpack campaign, emergency shelter boxes and a children’s sight campaign in Ukraine.

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