June 11, 2021 Update

In catching up with you we always like to start out with a Thank You!

Thank you for the support and for walking with us through service, donations
and sponsorship.

We need to celebrate:

  • In clothing we need to thank: Onix Outreach, Bev and Brian, Mary and Michael, Marty, and others.
  • In helping with personal care: St. Rita’s Church and a group with John and a P.E.P. class who made and donated personal care bags!
  • We need more help, and Cory with St. Rita’s is going to do this with a youth group!!  Thank You!
  • For the food bankIn addition to our team, this week: A.J., Cody, and Jim Sobriety In Motion are back and just a blessing!
  • For our canned bags: Vol/ CLE and friends and B.Riley and Tony Corona have blessed us.
  • In visiting camps this week: We were blessed with Marty, Chuck, Mary, and Michael and Riderz of the Reaper M.C.
  • Thank you to the Boy Scout Troop 293 that came and helped us Saturday! You did a great job!
  • Sunday’s outing Breaking Bread for Lakeview Terrace was a success with the help of Marty, Sabrina, Amy and family, Chelsea, and Larry. Thank You Tamra for putting in the order.
Thank You to our donors:
  • Tom from Med Wish donated some supplies. Thank You!
  • Greg Bigg’s with Superior Caulking and Restoration Company LLC donated today.
  • Larry also donated this week.

This week’s needs:

More men’s jeans.
Groups to help cover organizing.
Can you help us help our community?  Please contact us at [email protected], our Contact Us page or by calling (216) 920-2205.