how you can help

There are more types of poverty than you might know: emotional, psychological and spiritual as well as financial.  Trials for Hope helps all those in need in our community.  Our mission is to build a relationship with people and to learn their needs while listening to them on an honest, humane level.  We hope to supply their basic needs and also teach them how to fish by connecting them with other agencies that can help supply specific needs like medical, educational and other shelter options.
Our Family includes:
  • families below the poverty level
  • homebound seniors
  • those in homeless camps/shelter-resistant
  • teens in group homes
  • women & children in shelters
  • low income school children
  • kids & teens in crisis
The presence of need is the same, even if the items may vary.  

Ok, I see the needs. What can I do specifically to help?

Give Immediate-Need Supplies/Be a Sponsor

There are some items that are constantly needed; others are more necessary at different times of the year.

You can donate just once or become a regular sponsor for specific items.  

Right now, we could really use these items:

  • help finding and purchasing bulk numbers (200/month) of laundry soap, household cleaners and dish soap
  • tents
  • handheld can openers
  • RTA bus passes
  • men’s t-shirts, small-3X
  • men’s underwear, small-3X
  • men’s jeans, sizes 30-40
  • adult hoodies, small-2X
  • canned meats like tuna, chicken & Spam

Here is a printable Needs List of items you can provide, both new and gently used.

Volunteer Your Time

There are so many ways to volunteer your time:

  • pack food bags for deliveries
  • accompany Jonathan on delivery runs to the homeless camps, Forget-Me-Not seniors and shelters
  • sort donations at the TfH headquarters
  • pick up items with Jonathan at the Cleveland Food Bank or local grocery stores
  • serve at the community meals
  • Do you have a talent that may help Trials for Hope such as organizing fundraisers, writing newsletters, teaching, carpentry? Contact Jonathan to discuss the possibilities.

Don’t forget: many of our sponsors and collaborators have active volunteer groups.  Please check out the Our Partners page to see if there’s a group you’d be interested to join.

Host a Donation Drive/Fundraiser

You can host a donation drive or a fundraiser through your church, school, social group or simply with concerned friends.  

Especially successful events include:

  • canned food drives
  • silent auctions
  • holiday dinners
  • Christmas and dignity bags for the homeless

Contact us, and we can talk about what works the best for you, your time and your goals.

Spread the Word

A lot of people have never heard of Trials for Hope.  Tell them!  Do you know someone who would like to volunteer, host a food drive or donate to a great cause? 

Please send them to our website, give them our phone number, or send them an email.  We’d love to tell them all about our mission, our amazing volunteers and the deserving people we serve.

Or, do you know someone who could use some help?  Please send them our way!

  Call us at 216.296.3374. 
  Email us at [email protected]
  Friend us on Facebook.
  Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Bring a Friend

The best way to show your friends about Trials for Hope is to bring them along the next time you volunteer, serve, donate, build, deliver, sort or attend a virtual meeting.

We’d love the extra help as well as a chance to tell them about our mission and our community family.  It also gives them a chance to ask questions and to see if Trials for Hope is a good fit for them.

Contact us to set up a time to talk!


The easiest way to make a high-impact difference is to simply make a donation to Trials for Hope.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and we’re registered with the Cleveland Food Bank.

You can donate by sending us a check or going through PayPal.  Whatever method you choose, you can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly amount.  You can even designate how you want the money to be spent, if you like.

You’re welcome to Contact us any time for more information on how your donations are used to make a difference.  You can also read our 2019 Annual Report to get all the specifics.  

How can I help with a specific outreach?

Tent City Outreach

Greatest needs:  men’s clothing and socks, toiletries, canned meats and foods, laundry cards

Volunteer:  fill bags, help deliver

Forget-Me-Not Shutins

Greatest needs:  canned meats, canned and packaged foods, adult diapers 

     Volunteer:  fill bags, help deliver

Community Dinners

Greatest needs:  financial help to purchase the food, personal care items

Volunteer: help serve the meals, donate food

Farmers Markets

Greatest needs:  nonperishable food, personal care items, fresh food items

Volunteer: to work at the markets 



Treatment Centers & Group Homes

Greatest needs:  bus passes, personal care items, individual snacks, cell phone chargers

Volunteer:  pack bags, help deliver, backpack drive volunteers

School Deliveries

Greatest needs:  financial donations to purchase items, nonperishable food items, especially canned meats, pasta, rice, soups, cereal and healthy snacks

 Volunteer:  help pack and deliver bags

Holiday Bazaar

Greatest needs: financial help to purchase additional items, donations for the bazaar

Volunteer: sort items and work at the bazaar

Right to Dignity Bags

Greatest needs: volunteers to sort and bag, items to fill these bags.  Click here for a printable item list.

Volunteer:  sort and bag up items, help deliver

Be a Sponsor

daisy, heart, daisy heart

Greatest needs:  food, diapers, bus passes, personal hygiene items, laundry items, laundry cards

Volunteer:  commit to donating specific items on a regular basis

Click here for a printable pdf list of needs you can provide.