Giving Thanks for our Fundraiser

Welcome to our new website created by Regina Bell!! We celebrate the works that she, along with Dave and others, have offered to create this before our fundraiser! 

We need to thank all of the helping hands who have come together to support us in our event as well as sponsors, donors, collaborators and business owners. 

Our holiday times are very eventful with many projects in the works, covering needs from outside youth to homebound seniors. We’ve ordered supplies that have already cost thousands of dollars, which is why we our fundraiser theme is Giving Thanks.

This event will help reimburse our funding and start our new year with a little more for programs. Our tradition is to start around November with:

Bags for Unsheltered Youth

Why:  Most youth who are unsheltered end up with a very short lifespan, and life is such a precious gift. The whys and the whats for us aren’t important; instead we find out what they need:

  • all-day bus passes are #1
  •  phone chargers for 3 different types of phones with a wall charger
  • glove warmers and feet warmers
  • notebooks and pens
  • personal care items
  • a container for water to stay hydrated
  • hand sanitizer
  • face masks 

Holiday Bags for the Homebound

This program last year was blessed by some wonderful groups of ladies who helped to collect money for two different homebound groups at Lakeview Terrace at CMHA and one that Lakewood United Methodist Church helps.

The ladies bought some wonderful items that were practical and creative such as oven pads with cookie dough mix inside and AAA batteries for remote controls.

When you’re a homebound senior living on a fixed income, having extra basic needs are luxuries.  

We at Trials for Hope are extremely grateful to all of the people who helped to put this together:

Teresa Graham
Linda and Frank Pillari
Elaine Byrd
Katie Scherry
Theresa Byeler
John and Elaine Smith
Marty and Sabrina Willard
Liia Atlanta Smith
Jim Latza

Palmer Chin
Scott Ernst
Ken Moody
Lakewood UMC

Thank you our sponsors and donors of the raffle baskets
and to everyone who was able to join us that day!


Thank You to all of our sponsors

Lakewood United Methodist Church
Superior Caulking & Restoration
Superior Caulking & Restoration

Thank you to all the businesses & people who donated baskets and other raffle items as well!