February 2021 News

Thank You for continuing to stop by our website and to see what’s been going on with our program. When we walk together, it makes it a little easier to get through things . . .  doesn’t it?
Please know our gratitude is with you!

This has been quite a month as the temperatures have been life- threatening to our unsheltered men and women outside. Our family has been so blessed by programs that have housed most, and the donations of supplies — along with our collaborations — have been able to fill in the needs of many programs.

We thank you for this as well as for the helping hands who have assisted in going with us and or even for us when we haven’t had enough to be in 5 places at once!

Seeing our unsheltered outside overnight has been heartbreaking.  It’s something that we have taken home with us after work, as these are lives and not just statistics of someone homeless.

Rather, these are friends who like to eat and who once were just like you and me.  It’s difficult to stay a little detached, but it’s not as easy as you think. We have seen volunteers vent on Facebook, and we appreciate that they don’t use the names of any of the people we help.  

We have been so blessed this month with help to work on grants to then help our families inside.  Our goal:  to help them move from survival mode to that feeling of “I’m going to be ok now” reassurance.

As we work with many other programs locally, we have many areas that do not have 7 or 9 programs weekly going out and need some help, such as in Lorain, Ohio.  Here are some examples:

Walls of Love Founder Holly is trying to keep some walls continually supplied.



Pathways Enrichment Center   Their food pantry has over 200 people weekly receiving food. The unsheltered services are very limited, so getting some extra supplies out there is a good thing!



We need to share some extra thank yous with these special people:

  • Everyone who has been helping with the community meals: Mary, Nancy, Carole, Margie, Susan, Lisa, Margie, Susan, Gary, Mark, Rob, Leiah and her husband, Zaver and Judy, and The Church of Ascension.
  • Those who helped make bags of canned items: Pam, Carla, and company, Shannon S and family, plus new families who did a great job this month!
  • Our homebound helpers: Dave with Gutters Unlimited, Scott H from Holy Angels and company
  • Extra helpers: Elizabeth Gilles, Josh Gilles, Greg Biggs with Superior Caulking and Restoration Co, Shannon S. and others with Trinity Church
  • Wednesday Market Helpers: Ben and Pastor Matt W

We are also truly grateful to the organizations or facilities that did extra drives or really went out of their way:

  • Church of the Holy Angels
  • St. Rita’s Elementary Class
  • Home Depot off of 117 and Berea
  • A few locations of CubeSmart
  • Rocky River Lakewood Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Lakewood United Methodist Church
  • P.E.P.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • … and so many more!!!