August 29, 2021 Weekly Update

Aug 27th

So much happened this past week . . . so many amazing people and groups to thank!

Donations:  Pastor Rich B. from North Olmsted Evangelical, John H. (food), Jan from Lakewood UMC and the Mohall Center (canned goods)

Unloading the trucks on Wednesday (NOTE: this is a Big Thing):  Jim L. and Pastor Matt from Harbor and Bridge along with A.J., Cody and Mark

Making bags of canned goods: Pam, Mary and a friend (they made 40!) and B. Riley volunteers (about 100!)

Market at West Common Grounds, Frontline Building: donated 33 canned bags

Cleveland Pandemic Relief: helped 11 families and individuals for a total of 27 bags of canned goods plus frozen meat

Thrive Peer Support group: 40 canned bags for their outing

Note:  we also shared over 100 bags for our market for a total of over 700 pounds of food this week — in addition to household and other basic needs.


Our community meal was blessed by iDesign with Laura, Stephanie , Heidi, Susan, and Lisa.

At the same time, Jasmine from the White Butterfly offering fentanyl strips to empower our community. Click here to read more about the strips.

This week both Pearl Road UMC and Calvary UMC made some goodies to take out, which everyone loved!

We went to visit our unsheltered with the help of:

  • Carlos L and the Black Stallions M.C., Chuck M., Marty W. on Tuesday
  • Mark and Riderz of the Reaper M.C. on Thursday

You are all amazing, and we are grateful for all you do!