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Our Next fundraiser: August 11!

Choolaah Trials for Hope Aug 2022


Our next fundraiser is on 
Thursday, August 11 from 11 am-8pm!

Thanks to the generosity of the people at Choolaah at 1903 West 25th Street in Cleveland, Trials for Hope will receive 30% of the proceeds on that day and during that time!  Just tell the cashier or type in HOPE at checkout on the app.  

We all win:  you get some amazing Indian cooking, and Trials for Hope gets 30%.  

The money is all going towards the purchase of a walk-in cooler at our headquarters.  With this cooler, we can provide more fresh foods like eggs and veggies to the people we serve:

  • 5 farmers markets/month
  • 2 visits to shut-ins/month
  • 8 visits to unsheltered camps/month
  • 4 community meals/month

If you can help by donating supplies or making a financial donation towards their purchase or (even better!) the purchase of a new walk-in cooler, please contact us:

Together, we can make a difference.  

Right here. Right now. 

We deliver monthly

22,561 lbs food

We distribute food bank food to camps, homebound seniors, schools, community centers and more.

8,ooo lbs frozen meats

These are delivered directly to families, homebound seniors, individuals and group homes.

160 community meals

Trials for Hope sponsors two cooked meals and helps at two more each month, providing hot meals, toilet paper and personal care items to those in need.   

2,650 toiletries & personal items

This includes shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, hand wipes, sanitizer, deoderant, soap, women’s hygiene products and more.

167 lbs warmth

Blankets, tents, below-zero sleeping bags, tarps and emergency blankets are always needed for individuals as well as our unsheltered.

500+ rolls toilet paper

Everyone deserves this simple dignity.  Thankfully, some special donors and sponsors help us provide it to our family in need.

175 cleaning supply items

While they are especially important at this time, cleaning supplies are not covered in monthly stipends are are often beyond a luxury for many. 

83+ pounds clothing

From hoodies to t-shirts, flannel shirts, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, coats and more . . . the need is always present. 


“It shouldn’t be a luxury to eat.”

~ Jonathan Gray, TfH founder

What We Do


We host five monthly farmers markets with frozen meats, non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items and household cleaning supplies at no cost to those we serve. 


We personally offer two meals a month and help with two more every month, all year long.  In 2020 we served more than 1,920 hot meals at community meals with area partner churches, despite the pandemic.


We distribute 530 toiletry bags (each with at least 5 items) every month containing soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more.


Trials for Hope is Cleveland Food Bank-certified, so we are able to help at schools, camps, homebound seniors and many more places. We purchase and give away over 4,000 pounds of food each week.
In 2020 we served 5,594 families with 3-day pantry fillers.


We connect those with excess medical supplies, canes and walkers, diapers (both for adults and children) and baby care items with those who need them.


We serve those in need directly where they are — camps, shut-ins, needy families, community homes — bringing supplies and sharing time, a warm heart and a listening ear.

Our Impact

“If Jon didn’t help, I’d have to send someone from the neighborhood to the store, and they don’t always come back after I give them the money.”
Miss Tammy
Lakeview Terrace Apartments
“It’s not the food but the time that Jon spends with us, and he listens to what we need.”
Marginal Road Encampment

our Partners